19 May 2010

freelurving for one

Ratatat - Seventeen Years

Found at skreemr.com

while freelurving is definitely a
two person sport... sometimes you
just have to go it alone.

i was driving in my car and
this ratatat track came on and
the beat just hit me, like with most
ratatat tracks, but then i thought
about the lyrics and how in your face
they are and the ego / drive they convey.

thinking about freelurving as a solo sport
made me think of alone in kyoto, by air.
discovered this gem while watching one of my
favorite movies
and it's always spinning on
my "working" and "really working" playlists.

either song can be taken in many ways.
whichever way you choose, hopefully
you'll agree they rock.

ratatat's website
download "seventeen years" (or buy it)

air's website
download "alone in kyoto" (or buy it)

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