14 March 2012

Bikini Kill: "Jet Ski"

he's so not worth it
and you're way too good for him

Ain't got no more
No more candy for you
I'm not your rocket ship
Or your motor boat
Your movie set
Or your cartoon show
Not your fucking VCR
Not you avantegard postcard idea
I'm not your oilwell
I'm not your bloodbank
I'm not your bullet proof vest
Or your Visa card
I ain't got no more candy for you
I said I'm not your vacation spot
I'm not your footnote, freakshow
Or your latest cause
I'm not your view to a kill
I'm not your background tune
I'm not the nutty story
That your neighbors been telling to you
I ain't got no candy for you
I said I'm not your oilwell
I'm not your dimestore novel
Or your prison cell
I ain't got no candy for you

this made it through my car speakers
about six or more times on my drive
back to portland from my mom's house
after hiding out from heartbreak
for a couple of days

on the way down, i drove in silence
four hours and some minutes of it,
minus some old radio show action
in the last hour... which lost me, quickly
nazis and such, that was the takeaway, bombs

on the way back, a special little lady
told me to blast some music and rock out
or cry or whatever i needed to do
so i decided to do just that

i thought for a while,
what would not turn me into
a gushy ball of heartbroken tears?

bikini kill

then this track came on
in the random playlist of angry girl

totally did the trick
perfect for the haters
blast it, hate them
love you
(and bikini kill)

the usual:
website / buy it / download
check it / worth it / play it / do it

xo freelurvers


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