09 January 2010

on free lurving...

i'm a big fan of repeat... i buy movies i've already seen, i eat the same thing for weeks and weeks, i replace kicked sneakers with the same exact make and model, and i love to play songs over and over again, especially in the car. so, almost nothing here will be new, not to me at least, but it will be lovable, for better or for worse.

maybe you'll find the next track for that mix cd you're making for your crush and maybe you'll find you're not the only one feeling the way you feel.

as i'm writing this, bettye levette's "we got to slip around" is playing, and she said exactly that, that you're not the only one to feel this way... while it's about cheating on your man/woman, still, it's the truth.

hopefully you'll find that here. to music.


the bettye lavette number was totally unplanned,
and i don't have a copy of it for you to download,
but here is a link for more on her
and to sample the song

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