22 January 2010

Noah and the Whale: "Love of an Orchestra (Nightwaves remix)"

FYI: Noah and the Whale video on top
Nightwaves pic on bottom


If you gotta run, run from hope

I know I'll never be lonely
I've got songs in my blood
I'm carrying all the love of an orchestra
gimme the love of an orchestra (x3)

So now in my deepest sorrow
there's no need for despair
I'm carrying all the love of an orchestra
gimme the love of an orchestra (x3)

If you gotta run, run from hope


reminds me of a crush i
mentioned earlier... while i'm not
sure he carries the love of an orchestra,
i do know he's not lonely when
he's got music and he told me
it was all he had time for.
i tell my
friends not to expect to change anyone ever,
so i guess i should follow my own advice
and not chase boys who already told me
they aren't worth chasing.
couldn't help it though, i was/am smitten.

beyond personal rantings,
i am smitten with this song,
especially the video.
for the song writers and
music lovers, here's a love song
for you and for music.

(like the unplanned bettye lavette number in
"on free lurving...", shuffle decided it was
your song's turn to play over all 6,822 choices
in my library. and it sounds like a love song?)

nightwave's website
noah and the whale's website
download love of an orchestra remix


  1. comment from youtube: "When i am in a bad mood
    i play it and it makes me happy."

  2. Smitten is such an interesting concept, not to mention word. Why is it that we have little to no control over with whom we become smitten? If only the rational part of our brains was capable of stepping up in this field every once in a while!