14 February 2010

happy valentine's day from freelurving

this valentine's day
let's aim for understanding.
or anti-valentine's day...
whichever rendition of this
candy coated holiday
you choose to recognize.

But I'm just a soul whose intentions are good
Oh baby please don't let me by misunderstood

written by horace ott in 1964,
with the help of bennie benjamin
and sol marcus, this track was
originally performed by nina simone.
in 1965, the animals' cover quickly
became one of their biggest hits, and
ten years later, santa esmerelda disco
danced out a 16 minute latino version*,
also a huge success.

who will be next?

*please go to santa esmerelda's website
and then watch the video for "don't let me
be misunderstood" because it is all just
so ridiculous it's great... love the show
of french and us alliance with the
waving flags on the home page. so cheesy.

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