01 February 2010

a note on SMITTEN

yes... smitten is an odd word. a whole
lot of love and pain
wrapped up in
six little letters.
i love that
which originates from the
word smite, is first defined as being struck
by a hard blow,
then as grievously or
stricken or afflicted,
and lastly,
this is the best part,
very much in love.
therefore? therefore,
being very much in love...
is like
being hit really hard and
my aunt did always try to
teach me,
that nothing in life was fair,
and to marry for money.


SMITE (from dictionary.reference.com)

1. to strike or hit hard, with or as with the hand,
a stick, or other weapon: She smote him on the
back with her umbrella.

2. to deliver or deal (a blow, hit, etc.)
by striking hard.

3. to strike down, injure, or slay:
His sword had smitten thousands.

4. to afflict or attack with deadly or
disastrous effect: smitten by polio.

5. to affect mentally or morally with a
sudden pang: His conscience smote him.

6. to affect suddenly and strongly with a
specified feeling:They were smitten with terror.

7. to impress favorably; charm; enamor:
He was smitten by her charms.

1 comment:

  1. This is great! and so true. Disastrous at times and blissful at others.