13 February 2010

Rose Melberg: "Truly"

joy division, once again
you're right. freelurving hurts.


i cried too many times today

what would you say
if you knew
how truly i love you

come here better to hear me sing
forget everything
how i made you cry


i cried too many times today

sorry for another not so uplifting
but, the only way to get over
it is to get through it...

maybe you can use this one on
the hello, i love you mix,

or the come home i miss you mix
for your special someone that might not
realize how special
they really are
and needs
some reminding.

i was having lunch the other day and my
friend and i were talking
about that
terrible cry yourself
to sleep lurving
feeling that
we don't think our former
ever realized they induced,
much less shared.

did you guys?
or are we right?

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