16 February 2010

Ladytron: "Another Breakfast With You"

my plea for peace...
freelurving not fighting!


I don't want to fight
just want a piece of your life
oh, if you come out to play
I don't want you to say...anything
I didn't feel a thing when you told me that
you didn't feel a thing when I told you that
I didn't feel a thing, another breakfast with you


Did you ever fall in love?
for a quarter of an hour or above?


reminds me entirely of an ex-boyfriend.
cliche? whatever. i waited and
waited and waited, and he was always late,
or not even there.
breakfast was the worst.
mostly because i wake up ravenous,
and he, well, didn't wake up.

no hard feelings though.
really just the whole breakfast
image that brings me back to those
moments of pacing around wondering,
wtf?! where is he.

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