09 February 2010


bitter+sweet makes bittersweet

the bitter being the hard to bear,
the grievous, the resentful,
characterized by intense antagonism or
hostility, and the hard to admit or accept...

think you can stomach that?
i'm having a hard time imagining all that
bitterness packed into one bite ever
going down with ease.

according to the dictionary's
use of bitter as a noun, we are to
learn to take the bitter with the sweet.

ohhh... that's what we're missing?

ok. add a dash of sweet, as in
the pleasing or agreeable, the dear
and beloved, and the easily managed,
and you'll probably have better luck.

we should read the dictionary more often.
us girls could stop wasting so much
time chasing all the bad boys,
letting them catch their breath and
realize a little sweet goes a long way.

like bittersweet chocolate.
both pleasant and painful or regretful.
i could eat that every single day.

read the dictionary
origin of this note

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