14 February 2010

Solander: "Looking for Gold"

how come you're so cold

speaking is only when told to
i wasn't looking for gold
i was looking for you

i wasn't looking for gold,
but i was looking for you girl
i wasn't looking for gold,
but i was looking for you girl

how come you're always in bed
sleeping is only when scheduled
i was not joking
i was trying to get you involved

i wasn't trying to fool you
i was trying to be the one you want

oh to be misunderstood.
i don't know how many times
what i was saying has been so
completely misconstrued in
freelurving situations.

i'm not going to pretend i know
what solander is saying in this song,
but i will tell you a little story
about a misunderstood boy and a mix cd.

i had my wisdom teeth removed one summer.
i was home alone and in a lot of pain.
luckily you lived right up the street
and were there to hang out and watch me
eat jello on my couch and nag me for
my painkillers i refused to share.
you made me a mix cd and called it
"donde esta tus dientes" for my moment.

i listened to that cd in the car
a few days later, and immediately had this
feeling you were trying to tell me something.
instead of listening to my gut reaction,
which malcolm gladwell tries to tell us to
do in his book blink
... i shrugged it off and
thought, no, we're just friends, he wouldn't.

well you did, and you had wanted to
for a long time. i didn't know until it was
too late and you exploded. we haven't talked
in ages. everything turned awkward, too many tears,
too many misunderstood moments, too much.

you were just trying to be the one i wanted.
and i'm sorry. i was blinded by my love of us
as friends, the boy and girl next door,
inseparable and easy. i misunderstood.

solander's website
download looking for gold


  1. excellent amends making. he should read this. you are so brave, I love it!

  2. hope so. i sent him a message with a link to it. so perhaps he will see it sometime. first time i actually publicized to anyone i wrote about them.