15 March 2010

Animal Collective: "Winter's Love"

I love this light in winter time,
The frost cakes in the carpet
in winter time we'll have our ways
tombstones the mean belong in
No falls snow falls that ruin my day
It’s masked up from the street wire
and winter’s glow where could she be
She’s warm underneath my pocket
Just a calm and modern day
In early, early morning
Rush to her, and rush to him,
Am I a better person?
even in the whole take on
the loss is better said
I pulled the boy out of above
She made that boy a man


requested by one of my favorite people,
so i apologize for taking such a long time
to get this up here, but here you are!

i will have to paraphrase this request,
as i cannot find the email where you told
me the context of this for you,
but i believe
it was to the effect of:

"it's just exactly where we were
at one point in time"

and... i know you have a love
for cakes, so i will venture to say the
reference to cakes in this song entered
your subconscious and added to your lurving
this track. but who am i to say.

animal collective's website
listen to and buy "winter's love"


  1. awwww thanks!!!! i love this song. i wish i could be it.

  2. The freest song I heard in a long time. Thank you for bringing this up!

  3. just seeing this comment now, thank you!