05 March 2010

The Flood: "Sweet Janeen"

O, my unlucky stars
They are aligning in the shape of a guitar
But no one wants to hear me sing
So I think I'm gonna have to starve
Damn all the money lending
Notes are bending somewhere
Soft and sweet
I'm gonna find 'em girl, and if you wanna come
I can't promise anything
But I know you always wanted to learn to sing

Oh my darling, sweet Janeen
Pack up your trunk and come with me
I'm just a loser, sweet Janeen
I just wanna hear the guitar ring

Baby, what's the goddamn point of toiling
When I've got these melodies?
Already shot my soul into these lines
Now I've barely got the strength to breathe
Can't watch the brilliant rays through a windowpane
I'm gonna open it wide
And if you do the same I'm gonna meet you, girl
Down where the river bends tonight
Cuz I don't want no other life


I know you think it's cool
All my books and my words, so lush and true
But I could never be your only one
Unless you're boring too
I've got this crazy dream, but I just need some peace
Are you gonna stick with me
Through all the silent days under my stony gaze
Right now
You've gotta tell me


can't really help it.
heart aches a little every time.

i tend to overshare (yes, one word),
but that's all i've got on this one.

the flood's website
download "sweet janeen"

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