05 March 2010


to overshare is a verb in my book.
i'm an oversharer, down with oversharing.

while it's not technically one word,
i feel that
like neverending, it's worthy
of being its
own entity. and would venture
to say it makes
more sense as one word than as two.

selective reading of the dictionary
allows the
following interpretation:

like forking over the body, an individual's feelings,
stories, and self are ceaselessly contributed or
allotted in full portions to another person or group

always including the extra, too great, or excessive,

from beginning to end.

an act common among freelurving individuals.

selective reading?

the definition of "over" is overwhelming
say the least... it is a preposition, an adverb,
an adjective, a noun, a verb (used with an object),

an interjection, and used in a variety of idioms.

there are over 60 entries for "over".

the exciting part, for etymology enthusiasts,

lays in the origin of the word. dating back to
900, "over" originated from the old
english variation
"uver(e)". the exciting part, for
freelurving, is that
"uver(e)" is compared to love. LOVE!

the definition of "share" focuses mostly on division,

equal portions, fractional parts, and, not until the
entry, to use, participate in, enjoy, or receive
"share" is traced back to 1325-75 and originates
from the
old english "scearu", which means fork of the
or groin... the only thing i really connected with.

to me, "overshare" represents a blending of the
words and its origins can, like "uver(e)",
be compared
to love for more information.

there you have it freelurvers.
am i the only oversharer out there?

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