02 March 2010

The Living Sisters: "Double Knots"

to avoid apologizing again
for songs that are not so lovey-dovey
or uplifting... here is one for the
i heart you mix cd. give it to the
one who ties you up in double knots
and they'll be sure to swoon.

ooo ooo ooo

i wanna take my baby's shoes off
i wanna sing him a rock and roll
i wanna prove i've got it big
i wanna jump in the water
take off all our clothes

i wanna walk down to the boulevard
i wanna buy a candy bar
i'm going to drink two martini
jump in the fire
i'm gonna get burned

my baby ties me up in double knots
hey, hey
he's gonna loosen me up

i'm gonna turn my baby's lights down
i'm gonna sing him a sizzlin' soul
i'm gonna prove i'm ready to fight now
wanna jump in the water
take off all our clothes

chorus: [repeats]

loving these three girls
and this wonderful song and
its wonderful lyrics here.

so many memories and former flames
wrapped up in this one for me...

like the first night we went out
together and i made you jump into
the freezing cold river from the bridge
by my house. and warmed you up with
a cup of tea in my living room with
a california soul record spinning.

or the night we went to a party up
in that cow pasture and i got my arms
all cut up and burnt myself trying to
prove whatever it was stoking the giant
bonfire and we cleaned up in the river
the next morning.

and finally, on this "warm" by
winter standards sunny day, this
track makes me feel like i'm down
at the boardwalk on a hot summer
night with my beau... not that i have
one or live anywhere
near a boardwalk...
but hey,
a girl can pretend. right?

the living sisters' website
download "double knots"
(you know you want to)

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