02 March 2010

another bettye lavette moment...

so, you know those bettye lavette moments
that i have mentioned more than once?
well, this one just hit me yesterday while
listening to her on youtube. it's so
strange how since day one on this blog business
she has somehow crept up on a regular basis.

here me now. ooo girl!
ohhh now now. ooo now.

when you give more than you get

you're in danger
you might find out you're lovin' a total stranger...

danger! heartbreak's dead ahead...


not that i've fallen in love
with a total stranger...
not that i know of at least.
but i have definitely been in that
give more than you get situation.
it always ends with my crush reminding
me why they're called
a crush.

have a friend in need of a little
nudge, a gentle reminder, that they
should watch out, that the person they
are lurving now isn't worth lurving
tomorrow? throw this on a mix cd
and nonchalantly play it while you're
in the car with them. music is a powerful
thing, bettye lavette may be what you
to get your point across.

[[and, if for any reason you or a friend
is in legitimate danger, like not just
heartbreak... click here for more info]]

1 comment:

  1. well played. I am hearing you too and keeping wise words in mind.